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Asia Securities Income Fund is a liquid alternative that aims to provide an attractive risk weighted yield for your personal & business funds through the active management of a portfolio of fixed income securities with both short and medium maturities.

  • Withdraw anytime
  • Attractive yields
  • No exit fees


What is a Unit Trust/Mutual Fund?

A Unit Trust/Mutual Fund is a collective investment pool made by many investors with a common investment objective. This pool of money is used to purchase a portfolio of financial securities. In exchange for the money invested, the fund issues units to each investor, who are then known as unit holders.

A Unit Trust/Mutual Fund is set up by a trust deed and is an independent legal entity. The trust is administered by its trustee and managed by a professional fund management company under the supervision of SEC.

Who should invest in unit trusts?

Unit Trusts/Mutual Funds are ideally suited to people who do not have the time or expertise needed to select individual investment products themselves, or who have limited financial capability but want the benefits of professional asset management and diversification.

What is an open-ended fund?

Open-ended funds are funds where investors can enter and exit the fund at any time. There is no restriction on the number of units to be issued and the fund has no maturity.

Why invest in unit trust funds?

Pooling of funds with other investors can offer following advantages:

  • -Liquidity and convenience: The fund invests into short term money market instruments giving fund investors the ability to quickly invest and withdraw their investment
  • -Competitive risk adjusted returns: The fund returns exceed bank deposit rates of a similar maturity profile
  • -Security: The fund invests into high quality fixed income instrument issued by rated or listed banks, finance companies, corporates as well as Treasury instruments
  • -Diversification: The fund could hold more securities than an individual or a company thus diversifying your risk exposure
  • -Professional fund management: Managed by a highly experienced and professional team of Portfolio Managers backed by a dedicated Research team.
  • -Efficiency: The fund actively tracks investment maturities, seeks new investment opportunities, and reduces the number of investments to keep track of, freeing time for unit holders.

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What will my investment generate?

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