February, 2022

Sri Lankans now have access to free financial education to take control of their financial future

January, 2022

Beat the Fear of the Known – Asia Securities Sri Lanka Investment Conference takes stock of 2022

September, 2021

Better days on the horizon for local investors - Asia Securities Sri Lanka Investment Conference takes stock of 2021

February, 2020

Asia Securities’ Investor Event Explores Outlook for Sri Lanka’s Construction Sector

December, 2019

Asia Securities Hosts Annual Investment Conference at a Crucial Moment for Sri Lanka’s Investor Community

September, 2019

InsideTrack: Consumer and Retail - 2020; Positioning for a Consumer Reboot

February, 2019

Wealth Insights Series: Logistics - Exploring Potential Investment Paradigms in the Logistics Sector

February, 2018

Eminent Capital Market & Financial Sector Minds Power Change, Spark Solutions at Asia Securities’ Investment Conference

November, 2017

Wealth Insights Series: Construction – A Pause in growth , but what’s beyond 2018?

June, 2017

InsideTrack: Economy – IMF Program in place; What lies ahead?

December, 2016

Wealth Insights Series: Consumer and Retail - Growth in income levels to drive Consumer and Retail industry despite near-term headwinds

November, 2016

Wealth Insights Series: Consumer and Retail – Poised for a Shopping Spree

July, 2016

InsideTrack: Textiles – Brandix CEO Ashroff Omar sees the apparel sector maintaining its strong growth momentum

January, 2016

Wealth Insights Series: Macroeconomics – Sri Lanka in 2016 – Macro & Political Outlook

November, 2015

Wealth Insights Series: Construction – Transitioning from Infrastructure to Residential

June, 2015

Wealth Insights Series: Banks – An Evolving Story of Elephants and Cheetahs

April, 2015

Wealth Insights Series: Insurance – Insurance Sector Opportunities

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